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Meet our buns

Way back when the old human at our Rabbitry was a little girl who loved her animals: cats, dogs, horses, and buns.

And, she's never stopped loving animals or kids.

Our rabbitry was first registered to breed Holland Lops and other buns.  Then, for some unknown reason, Hershey entered the picture.  He was the first English Angora here and he is the reason we now only breed English Angoras.  He showed us there are rabbits that love to be loved on, to be held, to be excited to run to their enclosure door the minute you get near it, much less open it.  Their body language and eyes just yell out, hold me, hold me, please!  To paraphrase a bun dad who brought his freshly groomed English Angora one everning, "We had other rabbits like a Holland Lop and we'd open the enclosure door and it would run to the back corner of the enclosure.  Not this bun, he beats the enclosure door down to get to you the minute he knows you are near." As he stated this, Mr. Bun dad was grinning ear to ear and stroking and loving his son's bun (get that...his son's bun, right!).  I've seen many a mom and/or kids get a bun that the Dad ends up loving more than anyone.

We are located in Northeast Mississippi (can almost walk to TN or AL state lines).  And, we have worked with several transporters.  Our buns have been adopted as pets or as breed stock around the US.

We love people but we love buns more! j/k, sorta.  Y'all come for a visit sometime!  As with the picture to the right, we gonna ask you for a pic (or two or ten) before leaving with your bun(s).

Mia Kits litter 1.jpg
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