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Hay Feeders & Litter Pans

Hay Feeders and Litter Pans...

have been our most experimented with products.

So, Let's start with hay feeders.

We have you tubed, googled, group stalked (lol), and asked a zillion sources which hay feeder keeps buns from WASTING so much hay? (because GRAN hates to waste).

We've done everything from plastic containers zip tied to outside of cages (hay waste drops to floor and we use that hay to give Nigerian Dwarf goat mascots at the rabbitry), to homemade from mesh wire baskets, to metal racks bought on Amazon to our current hay bags .

The hay bags are the winner! least hay wasted. Whew!

Now, Litter Pans

We've tried (and still use) the 18 x 24 in w grid because it fits the 24 in Xpen great when teaching bun to potty only in litter tray (see our post w pics about litter training).

Remember, buns WILL grow and their bottoms MUST fit inside the perimeters of the litter pan you desire them to poop/pee in. So, don't waste money buying small litter pans only to have to buy larger ones later, buy the largest size litter pan your bun(s) will need right off the bat.

The next thing (after size) that's important is GRID. We do NOT want our rabbitry buns to stand in poop/pee. Hence, all litter trays and pens have grids that the poop/pee fall through and bun(s) do NOT stand in...ewwww.

We've even started putting free standing litter pans in our 36x30 pens because those poop/pee trays get HEAVY! Our buns are loving standing, sleeping, and poop/pee in them...yeah!

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