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Litter Training

Litter training THREE 🐰 at the same time!

Let's see how it goes...

Day 1

-🐰 from Rabbitry to Xpen inside 1:00 p.m. - Poop and pee all over entire Xpen (all of which picked

up and placed in litter pan about 50 times, pee

cleaned with vinegar/water sprayed on baby wipes).

Day 2

- Woke up to one escaped 🐰 lol - Retrieved said 🐰 from behind curtains and headed outside for Xpen top (chicken wire) -changed out soiled bed (trifolded towel) for clean one. There were maybe 10 poop balls and 3 pees on soiled one. - Picked up about 15 poop balls and put in litter pan. Cleaned up 2 pees from area between bed and litter pan with vinegar/water spray on baby wipes.

Day 2 (cont.)

- 11:00 a.m. bed still clean and 3 poop balls put in litter tray. - 11:06 a.m. watched a blue doe leave bed and go to litter tray to pee/ poop YEAH!!!

* Definitely not bad for less than 24 hours and THREE 🐰 training at same time 😉

-5:40 p.m. I take back their praise,lol Well, not all of it, only

5 poop balls and 2 pee spots on bed (folded towel). But, they had

11 poop balls outside of Xpen and 31 poop balls in area between

bed and litter tray. We've a long way to go...

Day 3-9

- Concerned about starting 3 buns in same area (since buns don't like to pee/poop where other buns do

same business.

- Ordered litter pan for under water bottle for urine


(affiliate link)

- Ordered same litter pan for pellets

Will be changing this litter pan out for one like hay is over. If one bun eating pellets it's okay but not

okay if more than one bun eating pellets (too small)

NOTE: ALL buns get free roam time together and separately (our 1:1 bonding time where I love on them individually for quality/quantity bonding)

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