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Quilt "Sew Along" Anyone?

Any of you amazing homesteaders, hobbyists, stuck inside because of the snow/cold like we are currently in Northeast Mississippi (you know that SOUTHern state that rarely sees a snow flake, much less 5 or 6 inches of snow that's been on the ground for 6 days now and will so be what our state seems to be known for (after all there's a cake in it's honor MISSISSIPPI MUD!!!!) interested in doing a Quilting Sew Along?

First, ya gotta know what a "Quilt Along" is. Right?

It's where we sew a quilt together, block by lovely block, until we have a quilt; or, wall hanging, placemat, potholder, or whatever point in time you choose to stop your blocks or sewing. We'll have a Facebook/Instagram group and patterns, pics, videos for demonstrations and completion of blocks, etc.

Next, we need to pick a quilt.

Do you have one you'd like to see replicated?

Just made a quilt you'd love to cohost a quilt along with me on?

Seen a quilt book or pattern you LOVE and want to construct?

Post your idea for a quilt you'd like Sew Along on our (1) Facebook group page.

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