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Anyone else up at 1:41 a.m.?

Good Morning World!

We are excited, Reba's nest box goes in today! Day 27 since "courting".

Why Day 27? We don't really know lol. Sometimes, we put the does nest box in on Day 26 or even Day 28. Our Does have ALL birthed on Day 30-33. Maybe it's the breed, maybe it just is what it is.

In our humble opinion, the nest box should go in a day or two early in case the doe were to deliver early, however we've never had any cases of early delivery for any of our does. If we ever get a doe that delivers early, or a current doe delivers early, then we will adjust when the nest box goes in. If the nest box goes in too early, the doe may start using nest box as a litter box.

Here's the "Soon to be Mom" Reba

NOTE: Since it was her first courtship we shall see...

Here's the "Soon to be Dad" Harley

To be continued...

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