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Today is THE day!!!

We are starting our Rabbitry blog! Hallelujah!

Osborne Creek Rabbitry is growing mentally, physically, and emotionally (well, not sure on emotionally since we aren't sure it's possible to love our buns or those that give our buns amazing forever homes any more than the already do).

Every new adventure should start with goals, right?

So, let's talk Osborne Creek Rabbitry goals:

  1. We want our Rabbitry blog to be a KINDNESS ALWAYS zone.

  2. We want to showcase the only breed we house: English Angoras (EAs)

  3. We want to use our experiences and others experiences as relates to EAs

  4. We want to share products we use, like, or others recommend

  5. We want to honor Hershey, the EA guy that started this whole adventure

What's YOUR ROLE in our blog? Simple, Enjoy and CONTRIBUTE!


* Share your enjoyment in your English Angora or someone else's EA that you've hugged. We know you've hugged one because an English Angora won't let you not hug it!

* Share products you and/or your English Angora LOVE!

* Share the good, bad, ugly of homing an English Angora. Were you shocked we even listed "bad"? We are honest folk, lol. Bunnies have bad...poop lots and lots of poop, but that can also be good for your gardens...

What would you like to see us blog about? Ideas always welcome!

Much love from Hershey and crew 😍

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