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A Case of MISTAKEN Identity

Meet Mr. Honey Bun

Mr. you say? Then WHY is he wearing a dress in HIS pic?

Kindra and family adopted Ms. Honey Bun (Who's Mom is "Honey") as a classroom pet for Pre-K. She left us and returned in 3 months for her 2nd grooming. Well, MUCH to our SUPRISE, She was a HE. So we have joined the "mistaken bun gender" gang. Sometimes it's just REALLY difficult to determine a buns gender when they are young. We haven't met another rabbit breeder or pet rabbit owner that hasn't either misidentified the gender of a bun (or several) before. If they haven't, they know someone that has. We've viewed hundreds of bunny privates (not the happiest chore to say the least but one that matters) and as with all things, our rabbitry isn't perfect and we are so so thankful for those days (like calling Kindra mid grooming) that our bun folks give us grace! To say what a relief it was that "in no way, for any reason am I giving Honey up. He will just have to be Mr. Honey Bun instead of Ms. Honey Bun and I'll find him some cute boy clothes." were immediately stated by Kindra when she came to pick HIM up. WHEW!!!! Kindra we love you and your family (both human and critters)!

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