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Spring plantings for buns

Since its -2 degrees Fahrenheit in Mississippi (SOUTHern state Mr. Weather!) I thought I'd take a moment and show you some poop to garden recycling...

NOT the gross kind (When you homestead you quickly learn poop isn't gross! Its a commodity! Also helps that I can't smell much since Covid in 2021...always try to see the bright side of the negative?)

How can poop items not be gross? By saving your empty toilet paper (cardboard) rolls (and/or paper towel cardboard rolls)!

Instead of buying (homesteaders are frugal to the nth degree 'cause we're always short of money and big on ideas and chicken math lol) seed cups make yours. It's a win win kinda thing!

Recycle + Grow!

Place your soil mix in your closed cups (see pics) to plant your seeds then leave in cups but fold "flaps" outward (instead of inward) when putting them in garden soil permanently (unless plant roots have grown in and thru the cup flaps.

Wahlah,! Basically free seed cups (cause you were just gonna throw them in the trash or send out recycle bin. Keep 'em and use 'em 😃

Note: "Do NOT use my fabric scissors to cut paper!!! Ever heard that before? Bet you have..

Seriously, I marked on side of my old paper scissor's blade where edge of my "TP seed cup" slits should be (see pic)

And, of course cutting at my mark left the flaps not touching each other (which leaves a hole in bottom of your cup). So, I just place my cut line on scissors about 1/8 inch above edge of cardboard roll I'm cutting. I didn't say my cups/cups were precise...

Happy gardening and think of us as you cut and plant...your buns, chickens, and other homestead/ hobby critters will love your garden produce and YOU!

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