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LCF Honey has hopped to her forever home in paradise...)

Honey hopped to her forever paradise (the place bunnies go when they are no longer alive) (it's impossible even now to say or type "honey died" without crying, not sure that will ever change) sometime between the afternoon of 4/26/23 to afternoon of 4/27/23. We left the rabbitry at 11:00 a.m. with all rabbits fed, water, healthy (we loved and petted each and every one). Ginnefer that lives next door to the rabbitry and her sweet 16 year old son came to feed on 4/27/23 and found sweet Honey stiff, cold, expired with 7 orphaned kits (insert many tears as this post is typed on 7/4/23).

Almost 2 1/2 months since our 2nd most loved bun left our rabbitry forever not adopted to another forever home. It's so hard to lose a "love", human or critter!

Honey was our most loved doe. Many people have adopted her kits and they all "just can't get over ____(bun name)'s personality and how loving and willing to love their owner and have their owner love them...and so so good with the kids and other pets inside the home..." Why? because their bun's mom (Honey) and their bun's dad (Hershey) have EXCELLENT type, form, temperament, personalities, wool, etc. Honey was not our first doe at the rabbitry. However, she was our first loved, "attached in a big way to" doe. She was pregnant when we got her and delivered premature deceased kits a couple of weeks after we got her. Trust me, her first human momma loved her equally as much (it's not possible to type "or more" because more love than Honey was loved here was/is not possible!!!) as she was loved here. Took me couple of days to telephone Honey's first human mom because it was fact, we'd both ugly cry and not really have a legible was bad...

If, you've adopted a bun from us and don't feel the feelings we've felt and/or shed the infinite number of tears we have in memories of joy and grief of loss as we have, you haven't love them enough! LOVE THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!!

There are many different internet and book notations of the Life Expectancy of an English Angora Rabbit. However, they are never the same and for us the answer is somewhere between 7 and 10 years.

Honey was born on 5/24/21. She lived not even 2 years.

Honey was bred twice before her last orphaned orphaned litter. Those two breeding did not produce kits and we were shocked. We breed our does 3 times a year at the absolute most. We want healthy happy breed does that are more like pets and loved and not just bred to death. Honey was only ever bred to Hershey at our rabbitry. They bred successfully and bonded well. Does often fight when the Buck attempts to mate. Honey was more at ease with Hershey and they seemed to bond. So, we were shocked when Breeding 3 didn't work, then Breeding 4 didn't work (which was a month after Breeding 3 since it didn't work). During this time Honey just wasn't Honey. She grunted at times when petting her but she's always harmonally done that. She lived long enough to have her last and final litter. We are definitely keeping 1 doe and 1 buck that both have a white Vienna marke d nose. One is lilac VM and one is lilac tort VM. Sooooooooo Honey WILL live on in our rabbitry (at least her lineage and memories) and hearts FOREVER!

Honey girl, we love you forever baby girl... for pics of Honey's orphaned kits soon!!!!

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